Tuesday, August 24, 2010

blacklisted by craigslist

Update: 08/24/10

My fried updated his ad and somehow has been blacklisted by Craigslist when he has a legitimate ad. Of all the people advertising dating sites, adult verification sites, and other frauds my friends ad caught the attention of Craigslist's Filters. My friend asked on the Craigslist forum why he was blacklisted and the only response was that he needs to take out the word "Massage" and remove the last sentence where he indicates he will not respond to frauds such as dating sites, adult verification sites, etc. I'm surprised! From what it sounds like, his ad was flagged but all the sites out there advertising dating sites, porn sites, etc were not. Looks like craigslist uses a word filter which does stop some fraudulent sites but also can block legitimate sites. A while back a newsletter that I subscribed to that discussed current events found themselves on yahoo's blacklist. How did they get on their blacklist? They used the word Casino in one of their issues which flagged them as an online Casino scam. The author of the newsletter apologized to the many yahoo readers who were no longer receiving issues that they paid to receive and it took over a month before he could get yahoo to remove him from their blacklist. Due to the blacklisting of my friends ad, I can no longer add any more to the list. If you find someone on Craigslist who is a fraud, feel free to respond. with their alleged name, email address, and details about the scam.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update for August 7, 2010

It's been a while since I last posted and the ad to my friend has sunk down a bit as newer ads have been posted on craigslist. Because of this, he isn't getting as many responses as he has before but he has received some. Including a solicitation for prostitution type of response. I'll list the dates of the responses rather than giving each responder a number.

Date: August 7th, 2010
Name: Sophia Lovely
email: sophialovley@tmail.com

Here's the most interesting response! My friend indicated on his ad that he is Financially independent and is looking a financially independent woman. Interestingly Sophia is hoping my friend would be willing to have a financial type of relationship where in exchange for her giving he "body, mind, and time" any way he wants it, he "buys her a few things here and there" such as a cell phone, etc. This does sound like a legitimate person but doesn't it sound like a type of prostitution relationship? Sophia may have better luck responding to ads in the Adult Gigs section of Craigslist.

I'm 24 looking for a beneficial relationship. I will be moving to (city removed), august 30 from losangeles,ca. I will be living with my sister and her toddler until I get on my feet. I'm willing to give my body,mind,and time any way you want it. In return I would like help with a few things here and there ex:cell phone, etc..please feel free to email me if this is something that is suitable for you.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update for July 12th

There are two more responses to my friends craigslist ad:

Response #1:
Name: Bethany Coley
email: bethanycoley130@gmail.com

"Hey thier, a couple days ago you replied to my posting on craigslist. I replied to you but I never heard back from you, I thought maybe you missed my email. I am still interested in meet, if you are still looking. If youd like to hookup my pics and phone number are at http://bit.ly/diesPZ Let''s meet soon ok."

URL takes you to www.localfling.net, this is also responder #8 from the first day and is already considered a dating site recruiter.

Conclusion: Dating Site

Response #2:
Name: Sandy Marie?
Email: sandymarie1987@aol.com

Message only had the link: http://konexura.t35.com/ in it.

the site http://konexura.t35.com/ is flagged as a suspicious site.

Conclusion: Suspicious site

New Statistics
Total Responses: 11
Fake Responses: 8
Inconclusive: 3

My friends craigslist ad has received nearly 73% responses for spam such as dating sites including 2 potentially malicious sites. The remaining inconclusive are most likely dating site spam or malicious sites too that haven't responded yet. Are there any real people on craigslist personals?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Quick update on my friends craigslist personals ad

Today my friend only got 1 response for his ad that was someone who responded to him after emailing him. Yesterday she was known as responder #3 and since I didn't have much information to determine if she is legit or a scam, I didn't publish her name or email address of my black book.

Responder #1: (Also Responder #3 from yesterdays blog)
Name: Flossie Riling
Email: flossierilinguj67e7@yahoo.com

I figure I will post her entire message for your enjoyment so here it is:

"Cool:) It seems you are for real
The honest truth Im for sure not first timer in that adventures:) unforunately never really succeed.
Usually received e-mails from teenagers and other unreliable people.
So...whatever... one more time. About Me. 5'6" in shape, too much energy:) but Im normaly stands by man and perfectly knows my "place".:)
Im hard worker have my own car and own place to sleep:)... so soooo independent:) Also Iam not into night clubs and bars scene....
Love guys who I can laugh with, who open to try new staff!
Pictures and some info: weekenddatingoperating.com profile 3009958
If you decide to check it, write you are 29 y.o. or older, only in this case you ll have access, (kind of protection from kids:)
Now your turn:)

The weekenddatingoperating.com will redirect you to the site:
http://datingportal-singlegirls.com/ which is a singles parent site operated by singles.net.

today she had more to say than "so, why not". She has had problems with meeting only teenagers and unreliable guys eh. Most say they have troubles meeting men who are already married or a stalker. I think this is the first time I've heard an ad from someone having problems with teenagers responding when teens aren't normally looking for adult ladies.

Conclusion: Today's Response #1 and yesterdays response #3 are Dating Site Scams.

The stats remain at 9 responses but no we have 6 confirmed fake responses or 67% of my friends responses were fakes and 3 that are probably fakes too.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two days after my friend posts add

In the past 2 days my friend received a total of 9 responses.

Response #1 (39 minutes after he posted his add)
Name: milzie vanantwerp
Email: milzievanantwerpjv825e3@yahoo.com

This was a strange response where no message was left and had only the file z30t2np24825.htm attached with the screen that accompanies craigslist responses copied. I analyzed the file and it was to print a message "User chris3665 has sent you a secure message in response to your listing at criagslist." there was a hyperlink pointing to the web address http://peopletogethernow.com/hardware/chris3665/messages/ which returns an HTML error 404 page not found. Typing http://peopletogethernow.com alone gives a simple message "Coming soon" with no explanation of what the domain peopletogethernow.com is. I went to www.whois.net and found that the Registrar is HiChina Zhicheng Technology LTD. from Beijing (hichina.com)and the page was created March 7th 2010 and last updated July 4th, 2010. I was unable to find out who actually owns the site or what it is supposed to be for. This appears to be a malicious site in the making or another notorious dating site scam. Remember to be careful and don't download and open an htm or html file or click on links that you are unfamiliar with.

conclusion: Don't know what this is but either a scam or new dating site response

Response #2 (1 hour 11 minutes after he posted his add)
Name: Obdulia Nyman
email: nymanobdulia716@hotmail.com

Posted a simple message "Looking?". My friend responded and she later responded with the message:

"Because of the large amount of men not serious about hooking up just photo harvesting and mailing me false photos of themselves I have found it necessary to use a photo authenticating service. I use http://tinyurl.com/38frkzy because they do not charge. Please have your picture authenticated and PM me. My user id is BeautyKiss.

I apologize for the hassle. Hope to see you."

I have seen the verification site scams but this is the first time I've never heard of a site to authenticate your photo or photo harvesting on craigslist when they can find plenty of great photos elsewhere on the Internet! The URL http://tinyurl.com/38frkzy takes you to www.meetlocals.com (a dating site). She responded again a couple minutes later with the message:
"Haven't seen u yet... I'll be there 4 twenty mins. to live chat if ya can. "

Conclusion: Dating site response

Response #3 (1 hour 44 minutes after posting)
I won't reveal the name or email address since my friend hasn't had any responses so we don't know if this response is a legitimate person or scam. The subject line was changed to "Re. your post" and the message only said "so, why not"

Response #4
Name: Eusebia Westergard
Email: eusebiaritawestergard92@hotmail.com

Asked my friend if he was real, after he responded that he is indeed real (he responded a day later), within 5 minutes she responded asking if he is interested in doing video messaging and gave the URL http://tinyurl.com/2udqht7 which takes you to the dating site http://www.meetlocals.com.

conclusion: Dating site

Response #5:
This is another one where I will not reveal the name or email address since she has never responded to him so we have no idea if she is real or a scam. She included a photo of herself.

Response #6:
I will not reveal the name or email address of this responder either since my friend hasn't received any further response from her when he responded. She send a message with only one sentence stating her height, weight, and bust size. If you're going to respond to an ad, give someone more information that is relevant such as hobbies, interests, etc. The subject line was changed to "Hey Whats up".

Response #7:
I won't reveal the name or email address since we have no idea if she is a scam or real but she had a very weird message "just a hassle-free request... enjoyable activities and nothing added". Ah, the crazy responses you get on Craigslist. The subject line was changed to "Whats up"

Response #8:
Name: Bethany Coley
email: bethanycoley130@gmail.com

The typical ploy to get you to go to another site to even talk to them with a funny message:
Hi there, great profile on craigs list. I''m interested, maybe we can meet up soon, if there is a connection. I do not want to find something longterm, I do not have time for a longterm relation ship in my day at the moment, but at the same time, I''ve got my urges, and the "self help" method is getting boring. I''ve got a few pictures at http://bit.ly/b03mCs

My cell phone number is with my pictures as well, so if you''re interested give me a ring.


the link takes you to the site http://localflings.net where you could register for free but to talk to Bethany, it will cost you and she isn't interested in you anyway, she's just trying to drum up business for localflings.net.

Conclusion: Dating Site

Response #9
Name: Cathy Porter
Email: Cathy@tpomail.info (tpomail.info is listed by my firewall as a unsafe site)

My friends final response that he has chosen to share may be the same person as responder #7 who used a totally different email address since it is titled "Re: Whats up". The datingsecure.com (actually amateurMatch.com) responses are a gem and you can always get at least one of them with a story about a crazy ex, kids that will be gone or asleep when you are over. She enclosed a photo showing her breasts and genital region but no face. I like to see the whole package and I'm quite sure my friend does too.

Hey how are you
Im interested in some thing that's long term, NSA. I want to keep this a secret - my ex-boyfriend is kinda a psycho ever since we broke up. haha .... 4 year relationship. Anyways.. I do have a daughter who is 22 months old, but she will always be sleeping by the time you come over...
This is my first time doing this kinda thing online - so Im kinda iffy about it.
I don't use any messengers - only one that I use for work...
i was hoping we could stay in contact by texting if your interested in making it long term.... http://www.datingsecure.com you will be able to get my number as soon as you sign up so im thinking we could get together tonight or tomorrow night - that would be great... Im signing off the computer now though, hope to hear from you.

-Cathy Porter

I have attached a picture, please keep this to your self, I have a very important job and I don't need people finding this out

Conclusion: Dating Site

9 responses in the past 2 days for an ad that doesn't have a picture posted and is vague about my friends interests is pretty good. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't received one of those responses where they want you to verify that you are not "some pervert" at some site that does a background check or something on you. 5 out of the 9 (nearly 56%) are dating sites or other frauds. The four posts that could be real appear to be frauds and responder #9 may be one of the four (Responder #7). The four gave very little information about themselves and only one provided a picture. These four sure weren't trying too well!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why am I doing this?

I've been told by several people that most of the responses from Craigslist, Backpage, and other online personal sites are taking advantage of people who are looking for a date and have placed an ad online. The most common type of scam is the dating site scam that I already mentioned. Other scams include verification sites to prove that you are not a "sexual predator" or other "sicko". They indicate that it is free for these services but in reality, it is only free for the first 30 days and most dating sites are rip-offs in the first place. You can set up a free profile on a dating site but to communicate to someone or answer a reply to another member you have to commit to a recurring billing of something like $9.95/month. In reality the person who responded to your profile isn't interested in you, they are getting paid to get you to join the dating site and after you join and respond to them, you will never hear from them again. I think it is wrong what people do on Craigslist and other sites as well as dating sites. In my opinion dating sites are the biggest ripoff on the Internet. Why pay something like $9.95 a month just for the chance to meet someone which adds up to nearly $120 a year which in my opinion is too much to spend on a dating site. For that money, I would have more success meeting people in person. I've heard plenty of horror stories from dating sites such as people who were married but didn't disclose this, people who are mentally unstable, and of course stalkers. Meeting someone in person is still the best bet when finding somebody. Some of the responses from Craigslist, Backpage, and other places where you can place free personal ads are hilarious and I thought I would share them with everyone here on the Internet. My friend who forwarded the email for my first entry has agreed to create another ad. Where going to play a little game. How many responses will my friend receive from his add who are spammers/scammers compared to legitimate responses. He has used Craigslist for quite a while but has only had one genuine response from a woman. This time we are going to test how many people are real versus all the scammers and spammers and I will publish the fake responses here in my blog. You will need to check back often as I guarantee there will be some really crazy responses. I will inform you if my friend gets any legitimate responses but these responses won't be shared. He will post it later tonight and forward all the fake responses that he gets and give me information on his success at finding a real person who is interested in them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My first entry.

My first entry comes from a friend of mine who had a Craigslist listing in the Ogden-Clearfield personals under Strictly Platonic. His ad has expired but he still receives responses from people. Today he forwarded me a copy of a message he received from someone responding to his ad that is no longer listed since it's expiration in June.

The response from his expired ad was from:
   Name: Celeste Sherrod
   Email: celestesherrod214w@aol.com

Additional Information: "Celeste" indicated she didn't have pictures enclosed
because she has some pictures at a site with the URL http://merky.de/2a1257 which
is a shortened URL and you are actually taken to:


This is your typical scam where a person responds to your ad to get you to visit
a dating site in hopes you will join the site and the person probably receives a bonus for every person she can get to sign up for the site.

Please note: this information may be inaccurate. Sometimes a person will use a name and email address of a legitimate person that they found through email harvesting to respond to these ads since it isn't their own personal email address that gets blacklisted if someone marks the email as spam on a site and the email address is blacklisted and goes straight to the spam folder.